white stripes, yellow, light brown, grass
white, ground, shrubs brown, orange when flies
seemed smaller head darker, blue purple sheen, all black
red patch, dark top light, climbing
sharp, yellow tiny feet, black yellow gray
reddish, black/brown, white spots, ground/hill


army green halter top, sequoia ankle tattoo, flower backpack
knit sock shoes, leggings side pocket
“vote them out”
kamala and joe tote bag
two friends with curly red hair
short tan nonwhite short black onepiece
sleeve tattoos cup of watermelon juice
shiny blue hairclips on pocket all black outfit
“it’s different now”
wfmu shirt, sunflower mask
horizontal headband yellow hair braids
circular leather purse, tight jeans frayed
blue brown plaid wool skirt, knee high boots, ribbed cornflower blue turtleneck
carrot beet juice, augusten burroughs paperback
nice handkerchief, masculine, thin navy longsleeve, beer
orange sneakers with a star eggplant purple pants
friend with green reeboks
49ers shirt, long black hair, brindle dog
grayscale leopard, hat with purple ribbon, purse with saguaro cactus charm
black mask, fuzzy black and white photo on big white T shirt, black boots
leggings with side pockets and see-through sections
headlamp, latex gloves, older
clear plastic bag with whole peanuts and halved cucumbers
two young strangers w masculine features both in white T shirts
with drawing of a plant on the front and the back
three teenager friends in white sneakers
adidas striped pants, gray socks, tevas
plaid pants, long black hair


which was a relief wanting to survive
two larger horses went downhill to mate
sitting at a reading feeling i was next
my name was called
went up to gather my papers
but in the next room
there was a critical situation
so i was a squishy fish
a round one helping
all went to deal with the fridge and water
the lengths the parents would go for money
in Kajillionaire painful and to reply to a
"learning rich writers dress homeless" tweet
we in trust funds thinking
those lengths suck although
money not touched is wasted too
giveaway far persimmons

welcome guests/recognize cardinals

what about the kilometer, your dammit
what is common about you, inclusive
making everything a full circle your life, still young, not too late
style but what style
enjoyable invasive species
pudding after grief call
returns to p--- stars
paper filled with rent math
and coffee spelled 10 times
dangerous to get used to it
if you offer to sparrows
you do to others
and reverse
regarding the woman her father married after leaving her mother redacted
common words
as they are used

“LIVE 4K Allen Birdcam (50+ Species) - South Africa”

Do you think these birds have a clue how lucky they are?
Animal Lover​@minipawpaw
we will never know. What I do know is that they realise the feeder is there and gives them food and also some safety
minipawpaw​@Animal Lover
I'm quite new at this. The one that blows my mind is the African Grey Hornbill. It looks like its own ancestor. It's not beautiful, but it sure is compelling.
I've got to get going. Cya tomorrow. This has been such a pleasure.

I asked the person who runs the live cam if we could talk about his experience because it might be interesting to the poetry community. Here are some things he said.
We’re fortunate to live in africa
That’s part of the reason we have such different birds
The cam started when my son was still in school for a tech project
We’ve always been into wildlife and do a lot of gardening
It’s taken off quite a lot this year since people can’t travel
People interact on the chat from all over the world
France, chechnya, south africans who recognize birds and subspecies
It can get quite contentious
People have named some of the wildlife, bats, genets, bushbabies
Felix the genet, angel
Quite personal about it
Africa is a loud place soccer games get very loud
Before the cam, some animals we didn’t even realize were here at night
It’s not quite the case that wild animals are in town
A lot of people go to reserves, camp out, different activities
We made a point of going
Very healthy excursion with kids
Watching live cams is quite relaxing
From google statistics elderly people are the biggest viewers
Not a large younger audience
Another thing I omitted to mention is that
We’ve heard streams like Allen BirdCam are displayed in doctors waiting rooms and schools